The feature film Marvel focused on the character Shang-Chi is offers the services of the director, Destin Daniel Cretton (“States of Grace”). Marvel Comics via Comicvine A film superhéroïque of Kung-Fu by the director of States of Grace ! It is the revelation that made Deadline, saying that the filmmaker Destin Daniel Cretton (States of Grace, The Castle of Glass) has just signed for the movie Marvel’s Shang-Chi. Appeared in 1973 (the year of the board room of The iron Hand that will launch the wave of Kung-Fu, Shang-Chi is a master of martial arts capable of duplicate themselves to infinity. It is a change of tone complete for the director, whose film is the more familiar dramas and intimate than a battle of Kung-Fu. The team from Marvel Studios, however, is rehearsed to the exercise of manage this technical part and let the director, supervising the actors and the characters. The story will be signed by David Callaham (the Expendables, Wonder Woman 1984). To go any further With this film, Marvel Studios made both a gesture of openness toward a community up to then under-represented in his universe, and seeks to reach the lucrative chinese market, and even more impacting than usual. A super-hero Asio-American has all the chances to blow up the box office in asian countries. Also note that now that Brie Larson has built-in the MCU in the skin of Captain Marvel, a reunion with his friend and director of States of Grace and Castle of Glass are possible. “Captain Marvel” is currently in the room : Captain Marvel trailer (2) VO

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